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We hope that you will have a nice time and collect wonderful experiences at our place. We are aiming at making our services comparable to the picturesque sites and through this helping you recall your memories time after time. We are looking forward to seeing you again! Come and visit us!
 Mayor: Rimóczi Sándor Vilmos E-mail: nagytarcsa@wla.hu
 Telefon: +36-28-450-204 Fax: +36-28-450-204/116
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Evangélikus templom - Nagytarcsa

Phone: +36-28 450-177
Contact person: Baranka György parókus lelkész
Address: 2142, Nagytarcsa, Sztehló Gábor u. 1.
Link: www.nagytarcsa.hu

Római katolikus templom - Nagytarcsa

Phone: +36-28-470-104
Address: 2142 Nagytarcsa, Kossuth Lajos utca 2.
Link: www.nagytarcsa.hu/katolikus.php


Helytörténeti Gyűjtemény - Nagytarcsa

Phone: +36-28/450-241
Address: 2142 Nagytarcsa, Múzeumkert 21.
Link: www.pmmi.hu
Contact person: Ráczkövi Erzsébet

The Village Museum of Nagytarcsa — a village lying adjacent to Budapest - presents the colourful traditional costumes of the region, the homes of peasant families, their economic tools and historical relics of the region from the new stone age to modern times. The building, erected in the peasant style of the Great Hungarian Plain, houses seven permanent exhibitions. You are guaranteed an unforgettable experience by visiting the beautiful collection of decorative folk art, the genre paintings depicting local customs and relics of the copper and the Scythian age as well as that of the of Hungary’s conquest, which are unique examples within the country.

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