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We hope that you will have a nice time and collect wonderful experiences at our place. We are aiming at making our services comparable to the picturesque sites and through this helping you recall your memories time after time. We are looking forward to seeing you again! Come and visit us!
 Mayor: Selmeci László E-mail: ph.gyulaj@tolna.net
 Telefon: +36-74 684-868 Fax: +36-74 684-862
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Római katolikus templom - Gyulaj

Phone: +36-74 435-245
Address: 7227 Gyulaj
Link: www.dombovarportal.hu

 fishing, angling pond
Beautiful natural surroundings, extraordinarily quiet environment and rich fishing places await the lovers of angling.

Óbirodi-tó (horgászhely) - Gyulaj

Phone: +36-74 573-940
Address: 7227 Óbirod, Gyulaj - rezevátum
Link: www.gyulajzrt.hu
Fax number: +36-74 473-985

Wonderful surroundings, excellent game stock, generous hospitality. Come and visit us!

Gyulaj Erdészeti és Vadászati Rrt.

Address: 7227 Gyulaj
Link: www.gyulajzrt.hu

 monument, memorial
Part of our history. It represents the past of our ancestors and their message to our age. We must pay respect to them.

Szobrok - Gyulaj

Address: 7227 Gyulaj


Tájház - Gyulaj

Address: 7227 Gyulaj, Rákóczi u. 2.
Link: www.dombovarportal.hu

 national park
Natural surroundings that is quite unique in Europe. Part of the World Heritage. A specially protected treasure of Hungary, requiring special attention and care. Please protect it!

Természetvédelmi terület - Gyulaj

Address: 7227 Gyulaj külterület
Phone: +6-74-573-940

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