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We hope that you will have a nice time and collect wonderful experiences at our place. We are aiming at making our services comparable to the picturesque sites and through this helping you recall your memories time after time. We are looking forward to seeing you again! Come and visit us!
 Mayor: Gárdonyi Sándorné E-mail: degpmh@dielnet.hu
 Telefon: +36-25 505-251 Fax: +36-25 237-481

Picturesque scenery, prim gardens, fascinating architecture and period furniture. Complete the unique experience with a visit to a good restaurant or with other organised programmes. Come and visit us!

Festetics kastély - Dég

Phone: +36 20 400 1343
Address: 8135 Dég, Hunyadi út 11.
Link: nemzetimuemlek.hu/index.php/epulet/deg1

Festetics-kastély, Dég Many mysteries are connected to the House of Dég: according to legends, it was the secret headquarters of Hungarian Freemasonry, and it was for this reason that its beautiful assembly hall was designed to fit in the corner of the building. Although we have no data of mysterious meetings held there, it is a fact that the secret archives of the Hungarian Freemasons were kept there for more than a century, until 1945. The facade of the House reminds us of the Hungarian National Museum; this is no coincidence since its designer, Mihály Pollack, used it as a blueprint for the plan of the Museum. In the 100-meter-long array of rooms of the house, visitors can see an outstanding exhibition telling the story of the Festetics family, the House, and the history of Hungarian Freemasonry as well. The park provides us with a perfect milieu for a pleasant walk.

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