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We hope that you will have a nice time and collect wonderful experiences at our place. We are aiming at making our services comparable to the picturesque sites and through this helping you recall your memories time after time. We are looking forward to seeing you again! Come and visit us!
 Mayor: Pintér Tamás E-mail: info@dunaujvaros.hu
 Telefon: 0036-25 412-211 Fax: 0036-25 412-211
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Excellent aquatic experience in beautiful surroundings. Bring your family and friends and spend a whole day here! Come and visit us!

Aquantis Wellness- és Gyógyászati Központ

Phone: +36-25 530-002
Address: 2400 Dunaújváros, Építők útja 7/A

Several hundreds/thousands of exotic plants, rare trees, flowers and horticultural compositions make the excursion a special event. Our botanical garden welcomes everybody wishing to have a rest.

Baracsi úti arborétum - Dunaújváros

Phone: +36-70 977-6110
Address: 2400 Dunaújváros, Baracsi út
Contact person: Horváth Tibor
Link: www.dunaujvaros.hu


Református templom - Dunaújváros

Phone: +36-25/281-163
Address: Dunaújváros, Szent István u. 7.
Link: info.dunaujvaros.hu

Római Katolikus (Szentháromság) templom Dunaújváro

Phone: +36-25/282-583
Address: Dunaújvárod, Magyar út 53.
Link: www.info.dunaujvaros.hu
Contact person: Nagy Mihály lelkipásztor

Görögkeleti Szerb Templom - Dunaújváros

Phone: +36-25 432-716
Address: Dunaújváros, Táltos u. 7.
Link: info.dunaujvaros.hu

Evangélikus templom - Dunaújváros

Phone: +36-25 285-426; +3620 824-3547
Address: Dunaújváros, Szilágyi Erzsébet út 34.
Link: www.lutheran.hu/z/honlapok/dunaujvaros
E-mail: Üzenet -automatikus fordítással is, e-mail: english-hungarian, deutsch-ungarisch, francais-hongrois, italiano-ungherese, espanol-húngaro
Contact person: Stermeczky András


Dózsa mozicentrum

Phone: +36-25 409-809
Address: Dunaújváros, Dózsa György tér 1.
Link: www.dmc.hu

Famous local and international starts fascinate the audience night by night. Ask for our programme guide!

Koncertek, előadások az evengélikus templomban

Phone: +36-25/285-426
Address: Dunaújváros, Szilágyi Endre u. 34.
Link: www.lutheran.hu/z/honlapok/dunaujvaros


Képek a városról - Dunaújváros

Address: Dunaújváros

 fishing, angling pond
Beautiful natural surroundings, extraordinarily quiet environment and rich fishing places await the lovers of angling.

Dunaújvárosi Ipari kikötő (horgászhely)

Address: Dunaújváros, Kikötői Duna szakasz
Phone: +36-25-411-781
Contact person: Loy Árpád

Dunaújvárosi Felső-öböl (horgászhely)

Address: Dunaújváros

 forest hiking, studypath
Trail-marked footpaths, good maps and guides to places of interest, comfortable rest areas await hikers. If requested, road managers can help organise your hiking tour.

Szocreál Tanösvény - Dunaújváros

Address: Dunaújváros
Link: info.dunaujvaros.hu

 hungarian contemporary art
Comprehensive collections and temporary exhibitions on Hungarian contemporary art.

Kortárs Művészeti Intézet - Dunaújváros

Address: Dunaújváros, Vasmű út 12.
Link: www.ica-d.hu

 monument, memorial
Part of our history. It represents the past of our ancestors and their message to our age. We must pay respect to them.

Római Kori Kőtár és Fürdő - Dunaújváros

Address: 2400-Dunaújváros, Római krt., Öreghegyi út
Link: www.dunaujvaros.hu
E-mail: Üzenet -automatikus fordítással is, e-mail: english-hungarian, deutsch-ungarisch, francais-hongrois, italiano-ungherese, espanol-húngaro
Contact person: Medvegy Zsuzsanna

Acélszobrok szabadtéri parkja - Dunaújváros

Address: Dunaújváros
Link: www.partvedelem.hu/szoborpark_hu.htm
Phone: +36-25-411-664
Fax number: +36-25-405-663

Az Aratók - Dunaújváros

Address: Dunaújváros


Gyártörténeti skanzen - Dunaújváros

Address: Dunaújváros, Kiserdő

Intercisa Múzeum - Dunaújváros

Address: Dunaújváros, Városháza tér 4.
Phone: +36-25-408-970
Link: www.muzeumok.hu

Kovácsmúzeum - Dunaújváros

Address: 2400 Dunaújváros, Magyar út 14.
Phone: +36-25-285-778

 open air swimming pool
Hungary’s unique hydrographical features offer special experience. Pools filled with spring water, beautiful surroundings, total comfort and hygiene await those wishing to relax and swim. Come and unwind with us!

Szabad strand - Dunaújváros

Address: Dunaújváros, külterület

 permanent exhibition
The extraordinary collection and unique objects offer a special experience for everybody. Multilingual information and brochures offer deeper insight. Visit us!

Dunaújváros története

Address: 2400 Dunaújváros, Városháza tér 4.
Phone: +36-25-411-315
Fax number: +36-25-411-315
Link: www.dunaujvaros.tmmi.hu

 special curiosities

Duna-parti löszfal - Dunaújváros

Address: 2400 Dunaújváros, Duna-part

The performances of excellent actors, actresses and companies offer unforgettable moments. Ask for a programme guide!

Bartók Kamaraszínház és Művészetek Háza

Address: 2400. Dunaújváros, Bartók tér 1.
Phone: +36-25-411-208
Fax number: +36-25-411-129
Link: www.bartokszinhaz.hu

 travel agencies, information
Event organisation, accurate brief, accommodate offers, hihg quality services, wonderful surroundings, generous hospitality. Come and visit us!

Tourinform Iroda - Dunaújváros

Address: 2400 Dunaújváros, Vasmű u. 10/A
Phone: +36-25-500-148
Fax number: +36-25-500-149
Link: info.dunaujvaros.hu
E-mail: Üzenet -automatikus fordítással is, e-mail: english-hungarian, deutsch-ungarisch, francais-hongrois, italiano-ungherese, espanol-húngaro

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