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We hope that you will have a nice time and collect wonderful experiences at our place. We are aiming at making our services comparable to the picturesque sites and through this helping you recall your memories time after time. We are looking forward to seeing you again! Come and visit us!
 Mayor: Lombár Gábor György E-mail: info@balatonfenyves.hu
 Telefon: +36-85-361-478 Fax: +36-85-361-802
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 monument, memorial
Part of our history. It represents the past of our ancestors and their message to our age. We must pay respect to them.

Napóra - Balatonfenyves

Address: Balatonfenyves

Emlékmű - Balatonfenyves

Address: Balatonfenyves
Link: www.balatonfenyves.hu

 open air swimming pool
Hungary’s unique hydrographical features offer special experience. Pools filled with spring water, beautiful surroundings, total comfort and hygiene await those wishing to relax and swim. Come and unwind with us!

Strand - Balatonfenyves

Address: Balatonfenyves

 scenic railway
The scenic railway recalls memories of the past. Just take a ride and enjoy the beautiful surroundings! A relaxing experience for the whole family. Come and try it!

Kisvasút - Balatonfenyves

Address: Balatonfenyves - Somogyszentpál
Link: www.kisvasut.hu/index.php?rfa=115

Balatonfenyves is the last "GV". GVs - it means Gazdasági Vasút, farmrailway - were built in the 19th century between farms, mines and normal gauge railway stations. The function of this railway has dramatically changed when freight traffic was stopped in the early 1990s.

Teresa Apartman   Info

Address: 8646 Balatonfenyves, Petőfi utca 110.
Phone: +36-30 534-2121
E-mail: Üzenet -automatikus fordítással is, e-mail: english-hungarian, deutsch-ungarisch, francais-hongrois, italiano-ungherese, espanol-húngaro
Contact person: Kalmár Lajosné

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