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We hope that you will have a nice time and collect wonderful experiences at our place. We are aiming at making our services comparable to the picturesque sites and through this helping you recall your memories time after time. We are looking forward to seeing you again! Come and visit us!
 Mayor: HÁRS JÓZSEF E-mail: varoshaza@boly.hu
 Telefon: 0036-69-368-900 Fax: 0036-69-368-201
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Református Templom - Bóly

Phone: +36-69-368-930
Address: 7754 Bóly, Szabadság u. 9.
Link: www.boly.hu

Reformed church, Pfarre and community center. Built in 1996-1997. Architect: Szigetváry Gyoergy, Ybl price winner

Nepomuki Szent János katolikus templom - Bóly

Phone: +36-69 368-148
Address: 7754 Bóly, Hősök tere 10.
Link: www.boly.hu

Picturesque scenery and fantastic tracks await the lovers of horse-riding and steeplechasing. The attentive staff of our excellent riding centre is looking forward to your visit!

Szabó Lovarda - Bóly

Phone: +36-20/374-28-23
Address: 7754 Bóly
Link: www.szabolovarda.hu

 hungarian wines, wine-cellar
Famous Hungarian wines from a popular wine region.

Róth Pincészet Bóly

Phone: +36-69 368-933; +3620 910-3176
Address: 7754 Bóly, Temető 846/9
Fax number: +36-69 369-065

Wonderful surroundings, excellent game stock, generous hospitality. Come and visit us!


Phone: 0036 69-368-088
Address: 7754 Bóly, Békáspuszta
Contact person: Monostori László

 hunting lodge
Wonderful surroundings, excellent game stock, generous hospitality. Come and visit us!

Vadászház szálloda Békáspuszta

Phone: +36-69-369-565;36-20-9616-890
Address: 7754 Bóly, Békáspuszta
Contact person: Bodonyi Tamás
Link: www.bonafarm.hu/boly

 monument, memorial
Part of our history. It represents the past of our ancestors and their message to our age. We must pay respect to them.

Battyhány-Montenuovo mauzóleum - Bóly

Phone: +36-69 368-691;+36-20 980 7523
Address: 7754 Bóly
Link: www.boly.hu


Agrártörténeti kiállítás

Phone: +36-69/368-088;+36-20-411-2663
Address: 7754 Bóly, Békáspuszta
Link: www.boly.hu

 permanent exhibition
The extraordinary collection and unique objects offer a special experience for everybody. Multilingual information and brochures offer deeper insight. Visit us!

Állandó helytörténeti kiállítás - Bóly

Phone: +36-69 868-305
Address: 7754 Bóly
Link: www.boly.hu

 travel agencies, information
Event organisation, accurate brief, accommodate offers, hihg quality services, wonderful surroundings, generous hospitality. Come and visit us!

Tourinform Iroda - Bóly

Phone: +36-69 368-100
Address: 7754 Bóly, Erzsébet tér 1.
Link: www.boly.hu
Fax number: +36-69 368-100
E-mail: Üzenet -automatikus fordítással is, e-mail: english-hungarian, deutsch-ungarisch, francais-hongrois, italiano-ungherese, espanol-húngaro

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