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We hope that you will have a nice time and collect wonderful experiences at our place. We are aiming at making our services comparable to the picturesque sites and through this helping you recall your memories time after time. We are looking forward to seeing you again! Come and visit us!
 Mayor: Deák-Szinyéri József E-mail: banhorvatiph@gmail.com
 Telefon: +36-48 500-211 Fax: +36-48 500-212
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Picturesque scenery, prim gardens, fascinating architecture and period furniture. Complete the unique experience with a visit to a good restaurant or with other organised programmes. Come and visit us!


Phone: +36-48-344-269
Address: 3642 Bánhorváti, Tompa Mihály út 2.


Református templom - Bánhorváti

Address: Bánhorváti, Szabadság út
Link: www.banhorvati.hu

Római katolikus templom - Bánhorváti

Address: Bánhorváti, Szabadság u. 60.
Link: www.banhorvati.hu

Famous local and international starts fascinate the audience night by night. Ask for our programme guide!

Karácsonyi ünnepi hangvereny

Address: Bánhorváti, Berkes János Művelődési Ház
Link: www.banhorvati.hu



Address: Bánhorváti
Link: www.banhorvati.hu

Bánhorváti lies west of the Tardona hills and east of the Lázbérci Tájvédelmi Körzet in the romantic valley of the Bán stream. The name of the village first appears only in the XIIIth century, but it was in existence at the time of the Hungarian conquest. Bánhorváti probably is the richest village in monuments in the area. Here you can find a magnificent castle in Baroque style with a beautiful park, which was owned by the Platthy family and nowadays it is a holiday resort.
 ecclesiastical art
Wonderful pieces of art in the service of the Church.

Református templom belső - Bánhorváti

Address: Bánhorváti, Szabadság út
Link: www.banhorvati.hu

 ethnographic collection
We pay special attention to the presentation of ethnographic treasures. We must hand down the tradition and the message of our ancestors to the next generation. Multilingual information and brochures offer deeper insight. Our collection awaits ethnographers and all those interested in ethnography.

Falumúzeum - Bánhorváti

Address: 3642 Bánhorváti, Szabadság út 75.
Link: www.banhorvati.hu
Phone: +36-48 344-265; +3630 662-1625

 famous person

Kazinczy Gábor

Address: Bánhorváti
Link: www.banhorvati.hu

 fishing, angling pond
Beautiful natural surroundings, extraordinarily quiet environment and rich fishing places await the lovers of angling.

Lázbérci víztározó (horgászhely) - Bánhorváti

Address: Bánhorváti, Lázbérc
Phone: +36-48-514-500;36-30-303-2349
Contact person: Győrfi András

 folk music, folk songs
Enjoy the folk music of different Hungarian regions in the performance of excellent artists. Authentic styles and performances, a tribute to the musicians and songwriters of the past. The music of our time would not be the same without it!

XVI. Sajóvölgyi Nemzetközi Folklórfesztivál

Address: Bánhorváti
Phone: +36-48 712-267
Contact person: Deák-Szinyéri József
Link: www.banhorvati.hu

 monument, memorial
Part of our history. It represents the past of our ancestors and their message to our age. We must pay respect to them.

Világháborús emlékmű - Bánhorváti

Address: Bánhorváti

1948-49-es emlékmű - Bánhorváti

Address: Bánhorváti

 park, botanical garden
Several hundreds of exotic plants, rare trees, flowers and horticultural compositions make the excursion a special event. Our garden welcomes everybody wishing to have a rest.

A Platthy-kastély parkja

Address: 3642 Bánhorváti, Rákóczi út 62 /64
Phone: +36-48-344-269

 programs and events

II. Bánhorváti Népdalkör Találkozó

Address: Bánhorváti, Művelődési Ház
Link: banhorvati.hu

X. Bánhorváti Lángos Fesztivál

Address: Bánhorváti, Tornacsarnok
Link: www.banhorvati.hu
Phone: +36-70 371-9460
E-mail: Üzenet -automatikus fordítással is, e-mail: english-hungarian, deutsch-ungarisch, francais-hongrois, italiano-ungherese, espanol-húngaro
Contact person: Deák-Szinyéri József
Mikortól: 2016-11-28
Meddig: 2016-11-28


Jóbarát Fogadó étterme - Bánhorváti

Address: 3642 Bánhorváti, Mál oldal 3499/1
Phone: +36-70 633-5297

 special curiosities

Damasa-szakadék - Bánhorváti

Address: Bánhorváti, külterület
Link: banhorvati,hu

 village tourism
Tradition, a whole life. You can renew your energies and let your spirit relax in the quiet and friendly atmosphere of villages. Come and experience the beauty of each region!

Veréb Fészek Vendégház - Bánhorváti

Address: 3642 Bánhorváti, Radnóti M. út. 37.
Phone: +36-70-608-8636

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